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Saturday Audio Readings

We have been in the works for a while now on a way to give back to our writers and followers.  This weekend we will hold a video reading, an excerpt from a book that has recently been published, in an effort to support our writing community and shed light on the amazing writers here on our site.  This will take place every Saturday from here on out, tune in! Click on the squares below to begin listening!

We are changing the way stories are written, right now.

Let’s all face facts, with kids and a job, sitting down and writing the next great American novel is almost impossible. Relax, take a breath, we’ve come up with a solution.

I believe in these busy times, we could all work together to write a FEW great stories. As one person, we are great, but as many? Well, we are extraordinary. Why not make it a little competitive, also? We will vote each month on who’s part makes the cut. Read a little. Learn a little. Then, let’s all write a lot!